DZJ/DZ electric driven vibro hammer

Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese company which started designing, manufacturing and selling electric driven vibro hammers. DZ/ DZL series vibro hammers have been manufactured by SEMW since 1960s and have been successfully used on high profile deep foundation projects, such as, metro lines, bridges, etc.

Product model: DZJ500S
Rated power of motor: 250*2 KW
Max. Eccentric moment: 0-5880 Nm
Vibratory frequency: 600 rpm
Drive Force: 2370 KN
Unloaded acceleration: 9.0 g
Unloaded amplitude: 22.5 mm
Permitted Line Pull: 130 T
Working mode: Variable amplitude & Variable frequency
Total weight: 36300 kg

Main Features
1. Big Eccentric Moment & Exciting Force, More powerful and Efficient
With big eccentric moment and exciting force, it is highly efficient and suitable for  sand compaction piles and large steel pipe piles in marine projects.
Professional design software and advanced technology, which helps to fully use  vibratory energy, assures the penetration of piles and accuracy of quality construction.

2. External Cooling Cycle to Extend Serving Life of Bearings
External cooling cycle to balance the heating of hammer and its  bearings, ensures the hammer works in a proper temperature.
Forced lubrication by splash and approach to ensure the lubricating  effect and heat exchange.
New technology to make constant work around 24hours per day

3. High-quality Parts to Ensure Reliable Performance
Well selected shatter-proof inverter motor. It featured wide frequency conversions, big overload, and good insulation property. Work within the vibration frequency
ranged from 5~60Hz. High starting torque and low starting current. High overload capability while the hammer is operated at high speed.
Imported shatter-proof bearings, big overload and running stable in high temperature, to assure stability of the equipment.
Imported drive belt. Strong, effective, less heat distortion, and durable. It ensures the reliable performance of vibro hammers.

4. Advanced Inverter and Speed Governing System to Ensure an effective Working
Converting system controls frequency and exciting force, suitable for variable job sites.
Double motors start at the same time and proper distribution of dynamic moment assure a smooth running.
Electrical transmission system featured with wide voltage and wide frequency.
Two control methods: field control and remote control. Ease of control.

5. Reliable Eccentric Moment Transform Control System
DZJ series electric driven vibro hammers contain eccentric moment transform control devices, to realize zero amplitude start, stop and stepless adjustment of eccentric moment from zero to maximum.
The eccentric moment transform control device stabilizes the hammer when it starts and stops, and decreases resonance of the vibro hammer.
Stepless adjustment of the eccentric moment according to the soil conditions.

6. Intelligent Control System to Achieve Real-timeMonitoring of Operating Parameters
Through PLC intelligent control systems and real-time monitoring display, to realize the supervision of vibro hammers’ whole working procedure.
Warning system of grease and temperature, to set alarm while the malfunction happens.


Donghai Bridge Wind Farm, Shanghai
Hongk ong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (Sand Compaction Pile Construction project)

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